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Santorini - Imerovigli


The settlement of Imerovigli is situated on the cliffs above the magnificent Santorini Caldera, opposite the famous volcano. It is celebrated for its amazing island charm, traditional architecture, and the finest view of the sunset, making it a very popular holiday destination for romantics and nature lovers.

This village is situated at the north at 2 km from Fira on the lip of a higher cliff. Its name comes from the word "vigla" which means day. The position of the village permitted to have a great panoramic view on the whole area so that the villages could be informed of the arrival of pirates.

In Imerovigli, you can enjoy the sunset behind Skaros
, a enormous rock jutting into the sea. Until the early 1800, there where a castle there which housed all the administrative offices of the island. You can walk to the top of Skaros which offers a fantastic view of the caldera.


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