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Santorini, is one of the best known Cycladic island, and one of the places in the world in which you have the enchanting sensation to be dominated by Nature. More Santorini info

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Imerovigli Village Santorini.

The name of this village comes from the days of the pirates: ”vigla” means watch-tower, “imera” means day. Truly its position at the center and highest point along the caldera gave it visual command of the whole area, able to signal timely warnings to the population when pirates sailed into view.

The castle of Skaros, which was never defeated during the 600 years of its existence, is worth a visit.
From Skaros you can follow the path that leads to the church of Theoskepasti, built on a rock and with a stunning view. Another church of Imerovigli is Panagia Malteza, taking its name from the icon said to have been found in the sea close to Malta. It has also a marvellous carved iconostasis with icons depicting scenes from the Old Testament.
Because of its proximity with Fira, it is connected with a public road or by the old path, offering a tremendous view as you walk along the rim. It's only 20-minute walk and one that must be on your itinerary.
Tavernas, restaurants, bars, hotels and apartments to rent are plentiful in Imerovigli.

Santorini has a number of spots where one can take magnificent pictures of the unique scenery the island offers. But perhaps the most outstanding is one offered at Imerovigli, at the highest spot of the rim of the caldera (300 meters high). Imerovigli which means day watch, is near Fira and a place which should not be missed while on Santorini.

Imerovigli is very near, about 3km N.W. of Fira. Its location near the edge of the cliff, its name, of the day - Vigla, as well as the time when it was built, show that during the years of the pirate's attacks it had been a daily observatory. The Viglator-guarde watched the sea, and, if pirates appeared, apprised the population of the approaching danger.

Today, some of the loveliest hotels on the island, as well as numerous rented rooms are found in Imerovigli. Your first image are couples embracing - spending days and nights on the verandas and by the pools. Couples in love actually create this Imerovigli's profile. Romance, view and peace.
The castle of Scaros is worth a visit. When Venetian leader Marko Sanouthos conquered the island in 1207, he raised the flag on the castle. It was at this point that Thira became known as Santorini (Santa Irene). The castle guarded the western entrance to the island from attacks. The castle had two portions, one called Rocka and the other where Roman nobles and Catholic bishops had their residence. The castle was never defeated during the 600 years of existence. Because of its proximity with Fira, it is connected with a public road or by the old path, offering a tremendous views as you walk along the rim.
You will find no clubs here in Imerovigli, and there are very few restaurants and shops. You won't miss any of them, however. Fira is only five minutes by car and 20 minutes on foot using the path along the Caldera that passes trough Firostefani.