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Santorini, is one of the best known Cycladic island, and one of the places in the world in which you have the enchanting sensation to be dominated by Nature. More Santorini info
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"Santorini florists" can organized your wedding flower decoration in Santorini d

Delivery cost for flowers to the hotel is 10 Euros

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Santorini Florists: We deliver the flowers to your love one in Santorini
Santorini florists can make the Same-day delivery to the place that you wish your flowers to go. Is generally available Monday through Saturday  Floral deliveries are NOT available on Sundays or legal holidays. Items are individually made and available in a variety of price ranges from fancier/larger styles to more modest/smaller styles, as indicated. Some items may vary. Sales tax and delivery included.
Stunning Two Dozen Roses Vase #P295X The Works! #P207X Amore! Eighteen Roses Vased #P018X Dozen Rose Vase and Teddy Bear #P209X
Two Dozen Roses with Vase code#101 Love Bear  code#102 Eighteen Roses Vase code#103 Dozen Roses Vase with Teddy Bear code#104
( 85.00  as shown) ( 85.00 as shown) ( 75.00  as shown) ( 75.00 as shown)

Red and White 18-Rose Vase #A233X Fancy Long-Stem Rose Vase #P140X Love Always! One Dozen Roses Vase #P298X Mixed Pastel Rose Vase #P160X
Red and White 18-Rose Vase  code#105 Beautiful Long-Stem Rose with Vase code#106 Love For Ever! One Dozen Roses with Vase code#107 True Love! Mixed Pastel Rose with Vase code#108 
( 62.00 as shown) ( 75.00 as shown) ( 58.00 as shown) ( 55.95 as shown)

Pink Blush #T1101 FTD® Contemporary™ Rose Bouquet D8-82RB (#82RBX) FTD® Delightful Dozen™ D4-2977 (#2977X) America's Favorite - One Doz. Rose Vase #3664X
Pink Blush Paradisecode#109 Romance Rose Bouquet code#110 Delightful Love Dozencode#111 One Dozen Rose with Vase code#113
( 52.00 as shown ( 59.95 as shown) ( 50.95 as shown ( 50.95 as shown)
White Roses Bouquet #T3002 Garden Rose Bowl #2972X Happy Occasion Bouquet #3064X Simply Roses #P200X
White Roses Bouquet code#114 Garden Rose Bowl code#115 Happy Hour Bouquet code#116 Simply Spiritual Roses code#117
( 55.95 as shown) ( 53.95 as shown) ( 65.95 as shown) ( 45.95 as shown)
Charming Rose Bouquet #T3103 FTD® Unity™ Bouquet B24-8266 (#8266X) Always On My Mind - Half Doz. Rose Vase #P130X Pink Miniature Roses Basket #T3206
Loving Rose Bouquet code#118 Special Occasion Bouquet code#119 Always In My Heart code#120 Pink Roses in a Basket code#121
( 53.95 as shown) ( 49.95 as shown) ( 45.95 as shown) ( 35.95 as shown)
Petite Rose Basket #3267X Be Mine Bud Vase #P206X Thinking of You - 3 Rose Bud Vase #1024X Thinking Of You - Pink 3-Rose Budvase #1024P
Rose Basket code#122 I Love You Bud Vase code#123 I Miss You - 3 Rose Vase code#124 Thinking Of You - Pink 3-Rose code#125
( 69.95 as shown) ( 37.95 as shown) ( 40.95 as shown) ( 39.95 as shown)
Web florist Agency – Manager: Nikos Sirigos
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