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Fira, the charming capital of Santorini Island, is located on its western coast, high above the mysterious Caldera and opposite the volcano, providing the most beautiful sunset view in the Greek Islands. Fira has a constant 1,600 inhabitants. It is perched on the edge of an impressive cliff, at a height of 260 meters and offers a great panoramic view of the submerged volcano. Early in the 19th century the capital of the island was moved from Pyrgos to Fira. After the earthquake of 1956 a part of the town was destroyed (only a small part of the 18th century buildings were saved).
The small streets during peak season period are crowed and filled with all kind of shops, jewelleries, cafe, restaurants, bars and night clubs. The visit to the picturesque market of Fira is a pleasant walk, small houses dug in the land.
What to see in Fira: Archaeological Museum, churches and monasteries, such as Agios Minas, the cathedral of Hypapandi, the cathedral of Christ, the monastery of Panagia ton Dominikanidon, Panagia tou Rodariou and the Catholic Cathedral.

There is also the Megaron Gyzi Museum which has a fascinating collection of photos of Fira before and after the earthquake of 1956.


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