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Santorini, is one of the best known Cycladic island, and one of the places in the world in which you have the enchanting sensation to be dominated by Nature. More Santorini info
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Exo Gonia Village

In Exo Gonia nothing reminds you that you're actually in one of the most tourist-infested island in the Aegean, Santorini.

If a quiet evening is what you want, then Exo Gonia, built on a slope behind Pyrgos, is just the place. You can enjoy the view towards the sea and the flat land where the airport lies. You can either come down from Pyrgos or snake up the sandy road from Kamari, which continues on to Perissa.

You can walk down the square by the church, and stroll through the narrow lanes with their few traditional houses. There are no hotels, but after the success of the Zannos Melathron in Pyrgos, some people are looking the village with a new eye.